“We do feel that there are a lot of people in our generation who are like-minded in wanting to feel a connection with a ritual or practice. A lot of that’s been eliminated from our day-to-day lives… Straight razor shaving [offers] that connection of doing something analog in a very digital world.”

Thusly quoted is Alex Pletcher, co-founder of the Portland Razor Company, in Lincoln Now's "Cutting Edge Craftsmanship," a piece published just a few days ago. The Portland Razor company makes hand-treated razors that can reduce shaving waste and add an air of sacredness to one's daily routine. No wonder their blades are in such high demand!

If you're looking for a new car that can add a little sacredness to your daily driving routine, come out to James Hodge Ford Lincoln Inc. at 1200 North Main Street in Muskogee and try a new Lincoln on for size.

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