Happy #ThrowbackThursday, everyone! With Friday only a day away, take a break and reread "Deeper Into Leather," a Lincoln Now article about the material we all know and love. In it, a leather expert shares some wisdom.

"Why is leather synonymous with luxury? Think rebel: like leather-clad ‘50s icons exploding the constraint of the drab and the ordinary. Think primal: leather’s deep roots in nature—where, as with diamonds, no two sources are exactly alike. And think Mitch Alfus, the leather genius best equipped (and dressed) to elaborate: 'Leather is a fabric in and of itself,' says Alfus, whose New York company, Libra Leathers, has stretched it into stunning evolutions."

If you're a leather fiend, shop for your next car at James Hodge Ford Lincoln, located at 1711 Southeast Washington Street in Idabel. We have a gorgeous selection of new Lincoln models that offer plenty of high-quality leather. Come check them out today.

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