So, you’re thinking about doing a road trip with your family. You have the course laid out, you have all of the schedules in order to make it happen, and you have just the vehicle for the job: the 2017 Lincoln Navigator. This SUV provides the power, space and comfort everyone needs for a great road trip. But even though you have the plan, the supplies and the vehicle all set, has an article with some tips to keep in mind while on your road trip.

1) Take your time and enjoy the journey. If you’re in a rush, fly, don’t drive.

2) Don’t tell your kids what to look at. Let them discover it for themselves.

3) Use this time locked in a car for hours to bond with your family.

4) Use this time to listen and learn about each other.

5) Find the rhythm of the road trip, each other’s role, their limitations, where to stop, etc.

Family road trips are not often forgotten, and they will be that much more memorable in the Lincoln Navigator. For more information on the road trip potential in the Lincoln Navigator, please feel free to contact us on our website.

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