Safety First: Fix Your Check Engine Light

When driving, it is always important to stay safe. One day you could be driving home from a meeting, school, or work, and your check engine light comes on. Normally, the cause is unknown and without explanation. This can cause stress and frustration. Your check engine light requires immediate attention, as it could be caused by any of these issues:

  • Bad Oxygen Sensor
  • Faulty Ignition Coils or Spark Plugs
  • Loose Fuel Cap
  • Bad Thermostat
  • Failing catalytic converter(s)

When faced with a glowing dash, you should take your vehicle to be checked as soon as possible. If you postpone the situation, you could cause your engine to be seriously damaged. Think safety first and visit our dealership today. At our service center, we will figure out a quick fix, so you can get back to having a stress-free life!

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